About Us

Established in July 2012, Benang Hijau started out humbly with no fashion and retail background but very big dreams. And Alhamdulillah, today Benang Hijau has become one of the prominent hijab brand in Malaysia.

As the world of retail fashion changes, Benang Hijau strives to grow and adapt to succeed by delivering simple, unique and elegant styles to keep up with increasing demands from our loyal fans and followers. Before the pandemic, Benang Hijau had up to 20 outlets and now we are starting fresh with the opening of our boutique in Seremban, Sendayan Merchant Square.

Benang Hijau’s vision is to become a world renowned Muslim clothing brand and have a strong global presence.

Benang Hijau values 4 principles and the key essence and guiding principles of the brand are:

• Kind: Always be kind, friendly, generous, and considerate towards customers, agents, suppliers and employees.

• Real: Being an organisation that is real and honest in every actions and in creating latest designs.

• Elegant: The company aspires to create high-quality products that are simple and basic, yet elegant and always carry the brand’s name with elegant manners.

• Fun: To bring happiness to our customers and creating a fun and comfortable working environment to the employees.

Benang Hijau actively promoting their latest products and updates on their social medias such as Facebook (Benang Hijau), Twitter (@benanghijau) and Instagram (@benanghijau).

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