Wonderlily Marble Crepe Instant Shawl is our double loop instant shawl. It comes with 2 loops, one ends with label indicated it is the second loop.

First, you need to slip the shorter loop, twist and slip again. It’s easy to wear, simple yet stylish to wear with your formal or casual wear.

Crafted from Marble Crepe, a fabric that is a bit stretchable, flowy and comfortable to wear. It’s also fuss free, hassle free, non sheer and only need minimal ironing.

With various abstract and floral design it surely looks dazzling in our Nina Plain Blouse or Layla Midi.

Opacity : Opaque
Colour : 10% different due to chiffon’s dye, camera lightning and screen resolution
Measurement : 195cm x 65cm (min. approx.)
Design : Double Loop Instant Shawl
Price : RM49
Washing Instruction : Light hand wash

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